Big Man On Campus

Thursday, April 14th, 2011

Apple has done it again with the iPad.   After initially being bullied and ridiculed because of its name it quickly went on to be the coolest kid in school.  iPad is definitely the Big Man on Campus (BMOC).   The IPad 2 sold out in many stores on opening day and in some places there are still people waiting in lines! (here’s an interesting article about that –  iPad2) Apple is changing the computing market more than any single product in the past ten years.   Apparently everybody wants a date with the quarterback!

I have to admit I was reluctant to get my pom poms out.  I really could not justify ANOTHER device simply because it was cool. Based on what I knew BMOC was handsome, athletic and very sexy but did it have real substance?  I was worried about tossing aside my trusted and loyal laptop for just another good looking product. Eventually I gave into peer pressure and took a blind date.

Well call me Suzy Rah Rah because I am leading the squad with cheers for the iPad.  It has made me more mobile, more productive and more functional than I could have dreamed.  I purchased the model with 3G + wireless  and find I can work anywhere readily.  I am able to access all of my business applications and have it configured so that everything I did with my laptop can be done on my iPad.  I admit I was scared about not having a keyboard so I purchased the wireless external one for the “just in case” blues.  Honestly I have never used it.

I also read books, watch movies and listen to my iTunes with the BMOC and find you can indeed mix business with pleasure.  The latest version of the iPad allows for multi-tasking in a way that seems natural and necessary.   The screen clarity is out of this world making internet browsing a pure joy.   I have added some great apps that blend my professional and personal needs beautifully.  I answer email, review spreadsheets, check my travel plans and set my Fantasy Football lineup with equal ease.  I am quickly learning to be a one man kind of gal!

Even though I am a big fan, there are a few things to consider before you take the plunge.  It is great for executives who spend all day in meetings and for consultants and field workers who aren’t at a desk but are interacting with customers.  However it is not the best fit for people who are desk bound and have heavy data entry and data review needs.  If you really need to plow through a lot of work, your laptop or desktop PC is still going to be more productive.  Knowing that, I find that I plan my work accordingly.  When I am in the office I still use my desktop PC. When I am meeting with clients, researching, travelling or relaxing I carry my iPad. If you have any doubts about the iPad, talk to your computer consultant.  You want to make sure your key applications are supported.   But as for me the Cheerleader and the BMOC are a match made in heaven!

Carol Conway

President of CRS Technology, an IT consulting firm in SWFL

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4 comments on “Big Man On Campus

  1. There are also than less ands less inventory and when that happens prices will go up because of the suppy and demand .

  2. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

  3. Julie says:

    Nice! My BMOC is slated to arrive May 6th ~ can’t wait!!

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