CRST Forecast: Cloud Continues in Popularity

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

There’s a lot of cloud activity going on out there but much of it has nothing to do with droplets of water suspended in the atmosphere to form those pretty white cumulous clouds. In terms of information technology, cloud computing is what we’re hearing a lot about these days. In a nutshell, cloud computing offers users like you and I on-demand network access to a shared pool of IT stuff — applications, services, networks and storage among them. Essentially, we’re talking about using a provider’s resources that live somewhere “out there.” So if you have a Yahoo! or Gmail email account, you’re accessing information from a computer server in a data center in the cloud

Cloud computing is a good solution for individuals and businesses that want access to various platforms and assets without the headaches often associated with storing data, and downloading and installing software on their own computers. Plus, no worries about updates and other time-consuming administrative activities. It’s all about immediate access with little to no management time on the user’s part

For businesses, there are many benefits, including being able to better focus on their core enterprise rather than IT duties. Take the Museum of Modern Art in New York City for instance. As one of several changes in they way it’s handling IT, the museum moved all of its employees’ in-house email accounts to Gmail out in the cloud. Let Google take care of all the email issues so museum officials can concentrate on other functions, like concentrating more on educating and engaging people about their world-class art collection. And for added protection, the museum’s emails are backed up not only by Google but by another trusted third-party provider, also operating in the cloud. We all know redundancy is smart, right? Let’s face it: the museum probably shouldn’t have been in the business of email anyway.

Cloud computing may not be for everyone, but it’s definitely front-and-center in the mainstream of all things IT. CRS Technology Consultants finds it all very exciting. We’ll talk more later his month about cloud options for small and mid-size businesses that might make sense for your company. Until  then, all the best in technology and life!

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