E-mail Archiving is a Cost-Effective IT Solution for Small Businesses

Monday, February 13th, 2012

This week we present the second of a multi-part series on technologies that can provide businesses a positive return-on-investment in 2012.

There are a number of technology solutions available to small businesses that can help them work smarter without breaking the bank. While’s it’s often a no-brainier to try to save money while strengthening the IT side of the house, spending less in the short run is not always the best answer when you can look further down the road.

This week we look at e-mail archiving and how this important technology can be used in your business. This is just on example of an IT solution that I continue to use at CRS Technology Consultants because of the cost benefit. This solution may work for you as well. In the coming weeks, we’ll examine five other strategies for you.

Email Archiving
Have you ever looked for an email you thought you had but couldn’t find it? Normally, this can be just an annoyance. But, what if legal counsel is looking for specific correspondence that were delivered via e-mail and they cannot be produced? Legal fees in such situations are quite substantial, and in some high-profile cases can even run into the millions of dollars.

Enter e-mail archiving, which serves two purposes:

• The ability to quickly and effectively search and retrieve any e-mail throughout the entire organization.

• The ability to store less active e-mails on your e-mail server, allowing you to get more life out of that server.

Email archiving solutions range from software installed on your server, to off-premise cloud-based solutions that send a copy of each of your emails to a secure facility. A good on-premise e-mail archive solution should cost between $25 and $50 per user per year. An online solution will be more costly as a third-party business is absorbing the costs associated with buying and maintaining hardware and software. But in comparison to your hourly rate for your legal counsel to get involved, this is most likely much more cost-effective. The return on investment on e-mail archiving solutions is more difficult to forecast unless you have already incurred the legal expense.

To find out if e-mail archiving is right for you, feel free to call me or contact me now by e-mail.

Jordi Tejero is President of CRS Technology Consultants. He can be reached at 239.643.1888 or jordi@crsonline.net.

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