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Two More Cost-Effective IT Solutions for Your Business

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

ImageThis is the third installment of a multi-part series on technologies that can provide businesses a positive return-on-investment in 2012.

If this is the year that you’re finally ready to commit to “work smarter, not harder,” then we have a number of good solutions for you to consider. This week we look at two solutions to help protect your business from Internet intrusions and Internet disruptions of service. These are just two examples of information technology tools that we continue to use at CRS Technology Consultants because of their effectiveness and cost benefit. These solutions may work for you as well.

Internet Security

Essentially, Internet security tools protect your network from outside attacks. The main way to accomplish Internet security is with a quality firewall. While some businesses may want to spend less on IT solutions, a “quality” firewall may require a larger investment up front. For example, the difference between a $99 home firewall and a $500 business-class firewall is that at the higher investment, you have the ability to look at Internet traffic coming and going from your network, helping to ensure everything is operating safely, as it should.

Even though the cost savings of foregoing a robust firewall seem significant, just one instance of a network breach can wipe out those cost savings. Even worse, it could cost you more in the long run. Also, think about the cost of possibly losing data due to a security breach, especially if your business is entrusted with peoples’ private information. Then, think about the fact that some 80 percent to 90 percent of small businesses fail after a major incident of data loss. Would your business survive? This is definitely one area where you get what you pay for.

Internet Redundancy 

With more and more solutions being provided in the cloud, if your Internet access is cut off for some reason, the cost to your company would likely be the extreme loss of productivity. If you use services such as Google Apps or other types of cloud-based solutions to run your business, think about this: when your Internet connection is down, your users are down and your business suffers.
A typical firewall that can provide redundancy will cost about $1,000. A typical backup Internet line will cost about $100 a month. Let’s say for instance that your Internet goes out one hour per week, and you have 10 users at a cost of $20 per hour, that’s an average cost of $867 per month of lost productivity (over $10,000 per year!). The ROI on your redundancy is a little longer than a month to cover the cost of the additional hardware, and then thereafter less than a week. You have to ask yourself: if and when the Internet goes down for the count, can my business survive, and for how long?
If you’d like to find out more about Internet security and Internet redundancy for your business, feel free to call me or contact me now by e-mail.

Jordi Tejero is President of CRS Technology Consultants. He can be reached at 239.643.1888 or


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