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Beef Up IT Network Security With SonicWALL

Friday, September 27th, 2013

If you’re a business owner, you appreciate knowing that your IT network is as safe and secure as possible. There’s a certain peace of mind because your business success likely depends in part on computers and other technology. So the last thing you need is some nasty malware infiltrating your data, causing chaos and maybe even losing of revenue.

That’s why we at CRS Technology Consultants recommend taking a hard look at your network security at least twice a year to be sure it is up-to-date and is still the best choice for your business. Because as your business moves forward and maybe changes, so too does the need for network security.

sonicwall-logoOne of our best choices to help protect IT networks in Southwest Florida is SonicWALL. This defender of networks large and small blocks malware, spyware and crapware before they can even touch your system, or worse yet before they may get through your system and into your computers. It’s like having a moat protecting your historic castle, only not so medieval.

With traditional firewalls becoming less effective against ever-increasing sophisticated threats, protection from a product like SonicWALL becomes more important. Below are five top protection measures many businesses are enjoying with Dell’s SonicWALL:

1. Maintain Control of Computer Applications
SonicWALL monitors and displays application traffic in real time, guaranteeing bandwidth to the applications you need while blocking or restricting unwanted applications.

2. Halt Intrusions at the Gateway
The product’s firewalls scan all traffic coming in and going out to halt malicious traffic from compromising your network.

3. Sanitize Wireless Traffic
Allows your IT professionals to create secure and seamless wireless networks.

4. What Downtime?
Your technology network operates without interruption even if there is a software or hardware failure.

5. Mobile Connect
Provides iOS and Android-based tablets and smartphone users outstanding network-level access to the resources your employees need over encrypted connections.

computerAnother neat feature about SonicWALL is a customer can have a second system installed as a further safeguard. Should the first wall fail, the second system kicks in automatically, giving you uninterrupted service. Without a second system, should the first one fail, your entire network will be inoperable, so that no threats can gain access.

Here’s the bottom line: Network attacks could be catastrophic to your business. An investment in securing your company’s IT infrastructure is well worth it over the long run. Read more about Dell SonicWALL at:

Contact CRS Technology Consultants for all the details, or give us a call at (239) 542-8450. Don’t wait for junkware to put your business down and out.

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Office 365 Offers Full-Featured Applications For Your Business

Tuesday, May 7th, 2013

From businesses in Southwest Florida, to U.S. government agencies, to schools and universities in Eastern and Central Europe, more and more organizations are moving to Microsoft Office 365. For this suite of software, it’s all about the cloud.

Office 365 is a subscription service that offers hosted email and all the latest office programs such as Word, Excel and Access. Businesses that want to have immediate access to their data at any time in any place where there is an Internet connection are warming up to it.

Office 365’s full office suite includes many of the same types of software programs that you use every day – word processing, spreadsheet, database, Outlook mail, the instant-messaging client Lync, and publishing apps among them. A small business can sign up for an annual subscription for $150 a year for five users. These are full-featured applications plus “extras” that include a shared calendar, a 25GB mailbox with virus and spam protection, and 10 gigabytes of cloud storage space per user. Other per-employee packages are also available.

Office 365 is also proving to be a prudent tool in terms of a business’s budget. Many of our clients are realizing the economic advantage of having software products working off the cloud as opposed to being on-premise: reduced maintenance time and costs, and transfer of liability. That’s because Microsoft maintains the IT servers, not you. So the real savings is not having to service equipment because there is no equipment when you’re hosting in the cloud.

There are many good reasons to look into an annual subscription to Office 365, but it may not make sense for every business. Give us a call, or send an e-mail now, and we’ll set up a consultation to see if Office 365 is right for you.



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