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Yammer Enterprise Social Network

Thursday, July 18th, 2013

For companies of all sizes in Southwest Florida and beyond looking to bring social networking into their place of business, Microsoft may have just what you’re looking for.

yammer logoThe tech giant is marketing its Yammer internal networking program to enterprises big and small as a way for employees to be social on the job but having it focused on business-related matters. Yammer offers a way for teams to be productive beyond traditional social media’s reliance on comments on a friend’s site, posting status updates or retweeting on Twitter.

CRS Technology Consultants understands you may find Yammer helpful for things like:
• Company collaboration
• File sharing
• Knowledge exchange
• Teamwork efficiency

While these goals may be accomplished with other platforms, Yammer keeps it all in-house. Plus, a number of filters allow business owners to decide who gets access to what. For instance, you may decide to open your entire network to employees and vendors. Or allow just limited access to certain portions of it to both groups. You decide.

The idea is to get team members to share project work, information and files within the corporate structure to help move the business forward while keeping them engaged. Think of it as a way to bring the useful aspects of social media into the workplace for employees to share and connect at work in a similar manner to what they are already doing on their own time on their own social media sites.

Yammer can also be used strictly as an internal social network, encouraging employees to keep their work-related comments, suggestions and questions in-house instead of posting on Facebook or Google+ .

This business social network platform is web-based, so no need to share files by email, and it is designed for any platform from desktop to tablet. Yammer is also integrated into SharePoint and Office 365.

There are about 8 million Yammers online, most of them using the free version, according to a CNNMoney. See the article at:

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Office 365 Offers Full-Featured Applications For Your Business

Tuesday, May 7th, 2013

From businesses in Southwest Florida, to U.S. government agencies, to schools and universities in Eastern and Central Europe, more and more organizations are moving to Microsoft Office 365. For this suite of software, it’s all about the cloud.

Office 365 is a subscription service that offers hosted email and all the latest office programs such as Word, Excel and Access. Businesses that want to have immediate access to their data at any time in any place where there is an Internet connection are warming up to it.

Office 365’s full office suite includes many of the same types of software programs that you use every day – word processing, spreadsheet, database, Outlook mail, the instant-messaging client Lync, and publishing apps among them. A small business can sign up for an annual subscription for $150 a year for five users. These are full-featured applications plus “extras” that include a shared calendar, a 25GB mailbox with virus and spam protection, and 10 gigabytes of cloud storage space per user. Other per-employee packages are also available.

Office 365 is also proving to be a prudent tool in terms of a business’s budget. Many of our clients are realizing the economic advantage of having software products working off the cloud as opposed to being on-premise: reduced maintenance time and costs, and transfer of liability. That’s because Microsoft maintains the IT servers, not you. So the real savings is not having to service equipment because there is no equipment when you’re hosting in the cloud.

There are many good reasons to look into an annual subscription to Office 365, but it may not make sense for every business. Give us a call, or send an e-mail now, and we’ll set up a consultation to see if Office 365 is right for you.



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