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9 Rules of Email Etiquette

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

As a business professional there are etiquette rules that should be followed to avoid looking like an amateur in the professional world.  One set of etiquette rules are email guidelines.  It’s important to have excellent email communication skills to appear proficient to clients (also because you never know who might intercept your email).   Emails that are to the point and easy to read are more efficient and are also less likely to put your company at risk.   Below you will see nine simple rules for email etiquette that every professional should follow:

1.    Don’t send an email written in all capital letters.  Capital letters in an email signify yelling, and no client appreciates being yelled at.   If there is an important concept that you need to get across bold it in your email.

2.    Emails going to many people should be sent using BCC or mail merge.  If the “To” field contains many recipients your reader will have to scroll past this list just to view your email (you also don’t know if all your recipients want their email addresses shared).  This can become extra irritating if your recipient is reading the email from a smart phone.  To avoid this BCC some of your recepients or use a program such as Outlook create a mail merge.  A mail merge will send an email to everyone on your list under one given name.

3.    Don’t use email to discuss confidential information.  Just as a general rule of thumb keep all confidential information off the internet.

4.    Be careful with abbreviations and emoticons. Unless you’re sending an email to someone you have a good personal relationship with don’t do it. Your recipient may not know what idk means (I don’t know) or may find your smiley unprofessional.

5.    When sending a long email try using bullet points and/or short paragraphs.   Anything to rich with words might be put off to read later, or important information may be skipped as the recipient skims through the email.

6.    Don’t use email in place of high stake conversations.  Emails aren’t meant to take the place of crucial meetings with staff or clients. Don’t hide behind your keyboard.

7.    When sending emails internally, if your message is short try to keep it in the subject line. For example if you want to remind a coworker about a meeting tomorrow you can simply put “Don’t forget meeting tomorrow at noon” in the subject line.

8.    Use IM or text messages if the message is on a personal level.  This minimizes traffic and use of disk space on your company’s network.  Plus, it’s more fun!

9.    Don’t let email distract and interrupt focused work. Minimize the screen or log out for 60 minutes or so. The world will live while you are working on tasks and/or projects that require committed attention and creative energy.

 These are your nine tips for professional email etiquette. Follow them and be on your way to professional rock stardom! For more tips and tricks check out IT Business Edge.

Carol Conway
President of CRS Technology, an IT consulting firm in SWFL

Laptop Overheating

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

Even Superman has a weakness.  Your laptop is no exception.  Heat is its “kryptonite.”  An overheated laptop can wreak havoc destroying important components (such as the motherboard).  Prolonged exposure can even cause health problems such as “Toasted Skin Syndrome” or infertility issues.  To help keep your laptop as cool as Superman’s Fortress of Solitude, follow these simple tips:

  • Use your laptop on a solid surface (such as a desk) whenever possible.  Your laptop’s tiny rubber legs will give it a slight elevation permitting airflow.  Soft surfaces (such as blankets or pillows) fill up the gap and do not allow air to reach the laptop fan.
  • When solid surfaces are not an option, use a laptop cooling pad.
  • Turn off your laptop completely before placing it in a bag or briefcase.  If a laptop overheats in a case it may even damage its screen.
  • Avoid running numerous applications at once.  Liken this to having seven different projects due on the same exact day – you’d burn out!  The same goes for your laptop, but instead of burning out, it will overheat.
  • Keep all vents free of dusts and debris.  A blocked vent will prevent your laptop fan from being able to expel heat.
  • If your laptop feels hot, turn it off give it some time to cool down and breathe.  Get it in an air conditioned room and power it down until it no longer feels warm to the touch.
  • One final tip, if your laptop shuts off on its own it is trying to tell you something!  It’s letting you know it needs a break from the marathon you’ve got it running.  Don’t turn it back on right away.  Give it a chance to cool down and grab some shade so it will finish the race strong for you!

Follow these guidelines to take care of your laptop and in

turn, it will work hard to help make YOU look like the superhero!

Carol Conway

President at CRS Technology, an IT consulting firm in SWFL


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